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Controlling fly populations is important for both public health and the well-being of animals. The most common methods for controlling flies include physical, chemical, and biological methods.

Physical methods include using screens and doors to prevent flies from entering buildings, and using fly traps and sticky fly papers to capture flies. These methods can be effective for small-scale infestations but may not be practical for large areas.

Flies are primarily a nuisance pest to homeowners, but they can become a serious problem with houses and  Office.We encourage people to follow an Total  Pest control  model for effective fly control that includes Spraying, insecticidal applications and biological control. Our selection of fly control services will help you control your fly problem without toxic chemicals or expensive spraying systems. Give us a call (7590075901) if you have questions about the best approach for your situation.

There are more than 120,000 species of flies worldwide with about 18,000 found in North America. A female housefly can lay up to 600 eggs in her short lifetime. Most flies live an average of 21 days and take on various shapes throughout their short lives. Baby flies are called larvae but they are also known as maggots.

Food contaminated by flies, is greater than from rodents & crawling insects combined. Flies have a major economic impact on this industry. Not only food damage but passenger perception, flies means dirt and unsatisfactory condition.

Service –Fly Management Services

Advantages –Long lasting, Residual effect on wall and ceiling, highly effective and completely odorless, MSDS

How do flies spread diseases?

House flies are carriers of easily communicable diseases. House flies carry diseases on their legs and the small hairs that cover their bodies. It takes only a matter of seconds for them to transfer these pathogens to food or touched surfaces suspected of transmitting at least 65 diseases to humans, including typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, poliomyelitis, yaws, anthrax, tularemia, leprosy and tuberculosis. Flies regurgitate and excrete wherever they come to rest and thereby mechanically transmit disease organisms.

How To Do Flies treatment By Total Pest Control Teams?

Theexperts of Total Pest Control are trained to control Flies treatment  in your home. The procedure followed by the Total Pest Control team goes as follows:


The Flies Pest control service starts with a through inspection of the Outar & Inner area in your home.

Spraying or Misting  Treatment:- 

Adult Flies by Expert team of Total Pest Control is controlledby spraying or Misting Treatment in rooms, bathrooms, internal areaswhereverindentifiedin your home/Office /Industries/Hospitals.

Bait Management:- 

Baits in granule of liquid forms are used to control the population of Adult Flies in outer areas.

Larvacidal Management:- 

Maggots growth is regulated with larvicidal spray at specific areas.

Effectiveness Elimination:- 

Regular followup  servicesare conducted as required after the 1st service to check the effectiveness of the Flies Treatment.

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